Kid kit will help find missing youngsters

A Conisbrough grandad is looking for backers for his identity kit to help in the hunt for missing children.

Community stalwart John Willams is almost ready to launch the pack which would make all sources of identification for a child available to police teams in one package if they went missing.

John, 74 , who has developed the UKChildId project with his business partner Bob Clayton from Cantley, is convinced his idea could save precious hours if a child was abducted. Now the two are looking for financial backing and technical help to produce the final package.

Mr Williams, a retired psychotherapist says he has spent six years and thousands of pounds of his own money on the project.

He said: “After the Madeleine McCann case, I came up with the idea of an identity kit for my own grandchildren so if they went missing everything to identify them would be there for the police.”

“Because of the way it is constructed it is a forensic tool. If a child goes missing and the parents have made up one of these kits proactively you would be able to give it straight away to the police wherever you were in the world.”

“There is an emergency first alert slip in there in 70 languages and a list of 250 international emergency police telephone numbers so people can raise the alarm quickly.”

The material contains information for parents and tools to fingerprint their children and instructions on photographing any identifying marks such as scars. A forensic measuring tool enables them to produce ‘body maps’. When completed, package would also contain a DVD of photographs medical forms and genetic information.

Mr Williams, of Hilltop Gardens said; “According to the police a child goes missing in the UK every three minutes and there are hundreds of them never found.

“It must be dreadful just having a child missing I know I would be frantic with worry if it happened to one of my four grandchildren. I wouldn’t be able to think straight and giving information to the authorities would be much more simple with our kit.” The two men intend to operate the project as a not for profit business. John can be contacted via email on