Jailed thug threw faeces and urine into the face of Doncaster prison officer

A jailed thug who threw faeces and urine into the face of a Doncaster prison officer has been given more time behind bars.

By Jon Cooper
Tuesday, 5th October 2021, 10:39 am

Sheffield Crown Court heard how Levi Washington Farrier, 29, formerly of Viking Lee Drive, Manor, Sheffield, had been reprimanded by a female prison officer at HMP Doncaster, at Marsh Gate, before he threw a disgusting mixture of faeces and urine from a plastic bottle into her face.

Recorder Paul Reid said Farrier had initially been told by the officer to return to his cell after he had been spotted heading for a shower when he was not scheduled to do so.

The prison officer stated Farrier had later shouted at her from his cell and he was told he could not go to the yard and he turned away saying he would have the last laugh before throwing the contents of a plastic bottle in her face and hair.

The prison officer was attacked at HMP Doncaster.

Recorder Reid told Farrier: “You turned and threw the contents of a plastic bottle into her face. The contents went into her eyes and mouth.”

He added: “It was a mixture of faeces and urine and she was able to smell it and taste it.”

Recorder Reid added that Farrier also threw the contents of the bottle over the prison officer’s arm and chest.

The prison officer stated that she needed two showers and she had to go to Rotherham District General Hospital where she underwent tests to ensure she had not contracted any diseases including Hepatitis B.

She said: “I was absolutely disgusted with what had happend to me. Faeces had entered my mouth and I could taste it.”

Farrier, who is currently at HMP Hull and has previous convictions, pleaded guilty to administering a noxious substance after the incident on January 5.

He also pleaded guilty to three counts of causing criminal damage from December 16, 2020, which was why he was in custody on remand at HMP Doncaster, at Marshgate, when he targeted the prison officer.

Recorder Reid said Farrier had committed three counts of damage after he had repeatedly visited a woman’s home on Penrose Place, near Woodhouse, Sheffield.

Farrier had a dispute with the woman’s partner, according to Recorder Reid, and he damaged a window and a front door at her home before returning with others and damaging two cars and smashing the living room window.

Farrier wrote a letter of apology to the prison officer and to the judge saying he was ashamed about his despicable behaviour and he had acted out of character at a time when he felt under pressure.

Adam Keenaghan, defending, said: “At the time some pressure was being asserted on him by other inmates and at the time he was suffering some addiction and he was able to resist it at first but these pressures overcame him and he made the wrong decision.”

Recorder Reid, who described Farrier’s offending while in custody as “repellent and vile”, sentenced him to 30 months of custody.

Farrier was also given a five-year restraining order to further protect the prison officer.