Jail for Doncaster man who refused to pay tax

Doncaster Council finance chief Simon Wiles.
Doncaster Council finance chief Simon Wiles.

A man who refused to pay his council tax, despite having the means, has been jailed.

It follows a prosecution by Doncaster Council as part of a crackdown on persistent non-payers.

David Jones Quartey, aged 51, of Rectory Gardens, was sent to prison for 90 days when he appeared before Doncaster Magistrates.

After failing to attend court in answer to a summons, warrants of arrest were issued to which Jones Quartey agreed to surrender to the court in June 2011.

As he failed to attend, several attempts to execute the warrants were made but he was arrested on other matters and appeared before the court earlier this month.

Magistrates decided Jones Quartey did have the means to pay his council tax due to him earning £3,500 a month at the time.

They also found that he had deliberately chosen not to, and so found him guilty of culpable neglect.

Simon Wiles, Director of Finance and Corporate Services, said: “Before considering court action we will try to come to an arrangement with customers who are struggling to pay their council tax.

“We also work closely with agencies and organisations, providing practical help and advice to anyone finding themselves in debt.

“We actively encourage people who are eligible to take up council tax benefit and discounts.

“Unfortunately there are still people who refuse to pay their council tax even though they are financially able.”