Isle residents urged to keep their homes secure

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Isle residents are being urged to protect themselves against sneaky burglars by making sure their windows and doors are always kept secure.

Humberside Police have seen an upsurge in reported burglaries across North Lincolnshire where offenders have gained access to people’s homes through an open door or window.

Householders are now urged to make sure their homes are kept secure and to not leave valuables on display or in reach of an open window.

Detective Chief Inspector Craig Scaife said: “We have made some significant arrests as we continue to tackle the issue of burglary, however I cannot stress enough how important it is that people take that matter of minutes to shut doors and windows to stop your home being a target.

“When we speak to offenders, as part of an investigation, they are always telling us that they target homes that are easy to get into.

“They are not shy, they don’t care if you are at home or not. They will try door handles, look for open windows and they simply see these as an open invitation into your house. Do you really want to let them in to have free reign to take what they want from your house?”

He added: “We will continue to work with our partners to combat burglary. We regularly disrupt those offenders who are known to us and target those individuals, who we have information about to suggest they are actively committing offences in our area.”