Isle firearms amnesty to launch

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A two-week Firearms Surrender operation will allow people from the Isle and across the region to hand in their unwanted firearms to police stations.

Between 8am on Saturday and 8pm on Sunday, November 16, members of the public will be able to visit named police stations across Humberside to hand in their weapons.

The local initiative is part of a much larger national event planned to prevent criminals getting hold of firearms and so reduce the risk of harm to the public.

Due to a change in firearms legislation which came in to effect on July 14 2014, some people who currently lawfully possess firearms may find they are now committing offences due to amendments in law about antique weapons.

For more details about this visit the National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS) website http://www.nabis.police.uk/Legislation

During the 16-day surrender period, any unlawfully held firearms and ammunition, including replica firearms, air weapons, BB guns, imitation firearms, component parts and other ballistic items may be handed over at police stations that include Scunthorpe and Goole.

Chief Inspector Neil Pattison of Humberside Police said: “The two-week firearms surrender is a local campaign aimed at local people in the community who may wish to safely dispose of a firearm.

“While we do not have a big problem with gun crime across the Humberside Police area, this is an excellent opportunity to get as many guns off the streets and out of potential criminal circulation as we can so they do not fall into the wrong hands.

“Licence-holders can be reassured that these measures merely enhance their rights and privileges to own firearms. Licence holders are also encouraged to use this amnesty to consider the surrender of weapons they may no longer have a use for.”