Hundreds of sex offenders shipped into Doncaster jail

HMP Moorland.
HMP Moorland.

MORE than 300 sex offenders have been moved into a Doncaster prison in the space of three months, it has been revealed.

Prisoners are being moved around jails all over the country as part of plans to locate the offenders nearer to the area they are from.

However, elected mayor Peter Davies labelled the move as “completely disgraceful” after it emerged 325 sex offenders from the Yorkshire and The Humber area have been placed in Doncaster’s HMP Moorland over the last few months.

He said: “At some point in the future they are going to be released into Doncaster.”

“We will end up with a higher number of sex offenders in Doncaster than any other place in Britain and it’s completely disgfraceful.”

Mr Davies said a lot of offenders released from the four prisons in Doncaster - Marshgate, Moorlands, Lindholme and Hatfield - tended to stay in borough because there was nowhere else to go.

The prison service confirmed the movement of prisoners, but denied claims that some of these sex offenders could be moved from Moorland, based in Hatfield Woodhouse, into the open prison Lindholme next door.

Prisoners near to release often move into an open establishment if they are a low risk, the service added.