Humberside Police: Targeting Terrorist Financing

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Police are working with financial institutions, private sector organisations and charities to reduce the resources available to terrorist networks and the effectiveness of their efforts to secure financial support through criminal activities and fraudulent fundraising.

In the Humberside area, this activity will include operations at ports and airports to prevent the illegal transportation of funds overseas. Cash sniffer dogs will be operating at chosen sites across the region, to identify the movement of large volumes of cash, which may be intended for criminal or terrorist purposes.

Officers will be visiting money bureau operators to make them aware of the methods terrorists may use to launder, move or solicit their funds. They will also be engaging with members of the public to increase their awareness of false charities and criminals who may seek to exploit them through illegitimate businesses, or the sale of counterfeit goods.

Assistant Chief Constable Alan Leaver, said: “Terrorists need funds to facilitate travel, training and the purchase of weapons and materials. Anything we can do to prevent them from successfully gathering, transporting or managing their funds is an important step in disrupting terrorist activities and attacks.

“Members of the public can also help by being aware of organisations or individuals who may seek to raise funds by abusing charity, or hiding behind social media appeals and illegal street collections. We know that terrorists and criminals are currently trying to exploit the public and derail genuine contributions to communities who are suffering humanitarian crises overseas.”

People wanting to support aid efforts overseas are advised to donate to registered charities, with experience of providing humanitarian assistance in high risk, insecure and dangerous environments. To ensure money reaches its intended destination they can check out their chosen charity by visiting the Charity Commission website:, or by speaking to their local authority.