Humberside Police concerned as too many people are still getting behind the wheel after they have been drinking

PC Barry Gardner
PC Barry Gardner

Attitudes towards drink driving are changing but too many people are still getting behind the wheel after they have been drinking.

Younger drivers remain proportionately more likely than their over-25 counterparts to fail a breath-test for drinking and driving. This age range also represents nearly a quarter (22%) of all the casualties that are killed or seriously injured in the Humberside region.

Young people remain a priority group for our local road safety partnership, Safer Roads Humber. If you know a young driver please help our campaign by reminding them not to drink and drive this Christmas.

Officers across the country can, and will, be testing drivers suspected of being under the influence of drugs as well as drink by using testing kits that were introduced in March this year.

Casualty reduction oOfficer Barry Gardner said: “There are a worrying number of drivers now caught drug driving.”

“Although we are always enforcing the drink drive laws, this time of year sees so many people out on works nights out and parties. People must consider how they are going to get home safely, drinking and driving in NEVER an option.

“It’s not just parties that people should consider, dropping in for a quick drink with family or having a beer or glass of wine after you’ve done the shopping, they all count and if you could easily find yourself over the legal limit.

Anyone who suspects someone of drink driving can report it to the police by phoning 101 or calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.