Horse trainer jailed for horrendous child sex slurs

Vicky Haigh
Vicky Haigh

A FORMER racehorse trainer who breached a court order by accusing her ex-husband of abusing their daughter has been jailed for three years.

Vicky Haigh shouted “horrendous verbal abuse” at David Tune in front of customers when he stopped to buy a newspaper at a Doncaster petrol station.

Haigh had been embroiled in a long dispute with Mr Tune, repeatedly accusing of him of being a paedophile and abusing the child.

The feud escalated and she defied the order which prevented her from approaching the child when she opened the passenger door of Mr Tune’s car at the Corner Garage in Bawtry. Haigh then shouted abuse allegations while the child was sitting in the passenger seat.

Despite numerous investigations by social services, no evidence that the child - who can only be referred to as X - was abused was found.

Judge Peter Kelson QC told Sheffield Crown Court that Haigh had been spying on her daughter before the “grotesque episode” last March, and could have been trying to abduct the youngster. She had recently applied for a fresh passport for the child.

“In your case it’s completely unrealistic that you will ever comply with any order the court makes,” Judge Kelson told her.

Haigh, 41, first started making abuse allegations about Mr Tune, a Doncaster runner, in 2006.

Jurors convicted Haigh of breaching a High Court non-molestation order following a trial at Doncaster Crown Court during which she represented herself.

“It’s one more horrendous episode in a young child’s life,” Judge Kelson said.

“What she’s been through for years doesn’t bear thinking about.”

Haigh, now of Worksop, has a six-month-old child with a new partner, and planned to move to Ireland and rebuild her equestrian career if she’d been spared jail.