Hijackers locked up for terrifying taxi robbery

TWO hijackers have been locked up after leaving a taxi driver fearing for his life while making off with his cab.

While on bail for the offence one of the pair then went on to carjack a teenage girl who had just passed her driving test.

Ricky Eddleston, of Dr Anderson Avenue, Stainforth, has received four-and-a-half years in a young offenders’ institution for his two robberies.

Accomplice Ryan Doyle, of Larch Avenue, Armthorpe, received 14 months custody for his role in taking Jamil Mohammed’s cab.

Mr Mohammed, of Wheatley, a driver with Alpha Cabs, picked the pair up from Prince’s Street in Doncaster town centre on the night of June 3 last year to take them to Stainforth.

Doncaster Crown Court heard a statement from Mr Mohammed that around 15 minutes into the journey the atmosphere in the vehicle changed and the defendants, both 20, were no longer chatty.

Michael Rawlinson, prosecuting, said that Mr Mohammed felt something on the back of his neck, which he feared was a knife.

Eddleston, who was the front seat passenger, told Mr Mohammed to “get out of the car or we will kill you,” Mr Rawlinson said.

Mr Mohammed got out of the car and the pair drove his VW Passat towards Stainforth.

The cab was found on in Selby on June 7. The radio had been ripped out and Mohammed’s £300 takings had gone.

CCTV from Iceland supermarket in Prince’s Street lead to the pair being arrested in July, 2010.

Mr Mohammed told the police that the robbery had affected him greatly, and that he took a month off work.

In a victim impact statement he said: “I have to go to work to earn a living, but I am still scared.

“At work, if I see young people at the taxi rank, I don’t always stop to pick them up. I was asked to take three men to Stainforth not long ago and I refused.

“I am constantly reminded of the event, every time I go to work.”

While on bail Eddleston went to house party in Poplar Road, Skellow. When leaving he dragged a 17-year-old girl out of her Vauxhall Corsa, before taking the keys and driving off.

Eddleston was re-arrested after partygoers witnessed the robbery. The car was later found in Moorends.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of robbery. Doyle admitted making threats with menaces.

James Horne, for Eddleston, said: “My client is very immature for his age, and he knows he has got a lot of growing up to do.

“He knows there is a longer sentence to be served, and being away from his family will prove very difficult for him.”

Michael Cane-Soothil, in mitigation, said Doyle had been bullied as a child and only had an IQ of 64.

He added his client did not make any financial gain from the robbery and did it for approval from his peers.

“Doyle and his girlfriend are expecting a child in September - her first.

“It is said she cannot cope on her own and her family may take steps to intervene if Doyle is not going to be around,” Mr Cane-Soothill added.

Sentencing the pair the judge, Recorder Jamie Hill QC, said: “You left a man fearing for his life by the side of the road.”