Gun seized after stop and search in Doncaster village: Police column

Our officers seized a gun when we arrested a man in our ongoing police operation in and around Mexborough and Consibrough, writes Insp Adrian Luscombe.

Thursday, 6th June 2019, 1:49 pm
Updated Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 6:01 pm

Operation Drum Alpha, which has been focusing on crime and antosocial behaviour, has now been going on for six week in that area, and will continue indefinitely. The character and shape of the operation may change with circumstances.

But one of the higher profile arrests we have made recently saw one of our patrols stopping someone who they saw appearing to put something under a bush at Crags Road, Denaby.

It was at night, on June 1, and the officer carried out a stop and search.

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Police story
Police story

The suspect was arrested for possession of drugs, and for possession of a firearm. It was an illegally held air pistol.

This was just the latest arrest over the six week period of the operation.

In all, we have seen:

> 165 stop and searches.

PCSO Annette Flavell with a quad bike seized in Edlington

> 40 people people arrested or reported on summons

> 18 police raids of properties.

> 13 vehicles seized.

Last week saw two arrests for possession of cannabis with intent to supply as a result of a raid on a house on Hawthorne Crescent, Mexborough, on June 5.

On the same day, we made an arrest on Flowitt Street, Mexborough, for possession with intent to supply a class A drug, after a stop and search.

And June 3 saw a raid on a property on Elm Green Lane, Conisbrough, which led to someone being reported on summons for possession of cannabis.

Our tactics remain as high visibility patrols and intelligence led enforcement, while behind the scenes we are working with partners like St Leger Homes and Doncaster Council. For example, we are working St Leger Homes to take action over tenancies if there are drugs found on the premises, and they have been supportive.

The council and other partners have also been supportive as we explore other tactics such as diversionary activities for young people and talking to youngsters in schools, to try to stem the grip of crime gangs who are supplying drugs in the area.

It is not just the local neighbourhood police officers involved – it is teams from all across the South Yorkshire force

The feedback we are getting is that people are cautiously optimistic. The message we are putting across is that we are taking a long term approach.

Elsewhere in the Doncaster West neighbourhood, the issue of criminal damage and antisocial behaviour in Edlington seems to have tailed off. We have been working with specific individuals on this issue.

The issue now that is now most prevalent is around off-road vehicles causing a nuisance, and this is now our primary focus there. We are increasing patrols and using CCTV, and again working closely with Doncaster Council and St Leger Homes.

We saw a success on June 6, when we seized a quad bike on Gordon Road, Edlington, for being driven in an anti-social manner and without insurance.

Bentley is also seeing an issue with off-road vehicles at the moment and is receiving a similar focus.

In both areas, we need information to act, and I would urge people to call either the police or Crimestoppers to give us names and addresses where nuisance bikes are being stored.

Adwick and Woodlands have seen issues over antisocial behaviour and low level crime. There are a few key people involved who we have been dealing with, and for the last couple of months it seems to have dropped off. We areworking with key locations in the area, such as Adwick Leisure Centre, to try to prevent the issue re-emerging. There had been complaints of people abusing staff and customers there.

Highfields has seen issues of drugs and dealing. We need information like names and addresses to act on this, and urge people to call Crimestoppers. They can give us important information completely anonymously. All we see is that the information has come through Crimestoppers.

You can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Finally, in Adwick we are relaunching PACT meetings this month. We will have the first one this year at Woodlands Library on June 24 at 6pm. It gives people the chance to raise issues in a public forum with ourselves and people from Doncaster Council.

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