‘Filthy’ Doncaster restaurant closed after failing food hygiene inspection

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A restaurant owner was fined because his Doncaster business failed a food hygiene inspection and was forced to close.

When an inspector visited Curry Mahal, Balby Road, last year the restaurant was filthy, heard Doncaster magistrates.

Atiqur Rahman, 41,of Ashbourne Road, Sheffield, admitted eight offences at Doncaster Magistrates Court and was fined £5,000 plus £1,208.10 in costs.

Mark Cundy, prosecuting, said: “Raw chicken was stored above ready-to-eat food and pre-prepared salads, insects were found in the light fittings, utensils used to prepare food were dirty and mouldy and there was no soap available for staff.” Staff were also not properly trained in food hygiene.

After the inspection, Mr Rahman voluntarily closed the restaurant for a thorough clean. Two days later, it was allowed to reopen. When inspected again it was still in a clean condition.

Mr Rahman admitted charges, including failing to implement hazard analysis procedures, failing to give staff enough hygiene training, failing to ensure good hygiene practices, failing to ensure enough provision for hand cleaning, failing to ensure equipment was properly cleaned, failing to ensure his food business was kept clean, and failing to ensure ceilings did not shed particles.

He has now implemented a food hygiene checklist, used at the beginning and end of every day to ensure high standards.

There were no complaints of illness from diners.