Family’s dream home goes up in flames

The damaged roof at High Street, Thurnscoe.
The damaged roof at High Street, Thurnscoe.

A family could be left homeless after arsonists torched their dream home just weeks before they were due to move in.

Shaun Moreby, wife Debbie and their two children Savannah and Chad were all set to move into a new £300, 000 home they were having built in Thurnscoe High Street.

Damage at High Street, Thurnscoe.

Damage at High Street, Thurnscoe.

But burglars struck early on Monday morning and stole thousands of pounds worth of tools, building materials and copper wiring. Not content with their haul, the intruders then torched the building.

The family has just sold their house and were due to move in within the next six weeks. But they will now have to live in a caravan until repairs are completed. Mr Moreby, 47, who runs a construction firm, said: “It was our dream home. We are absolutely gutted.

“They took about £3000 worth of tools, such as drills, and caused in the region of £40,000 worth of fire damage. They had set fire to wooden cabinets in the bathroom and the flames went right through the roof.

“We were all set to move in but now we will be homeless unless we get a caravan. It is just mindless vandalism.”

He is appealing for volunteers to help him complete construction of the two-storey, three bedroom home.

“With all the repairs it will be three months at least until we can move in. If anyone can help me I would love to hear from them.”

Four fire engines were called to the scene at 4.45am on Monday. Police have launched an investigation and anyone with information should call 101. Any volunteers to help with building work can contact Mr Moreby on 07960130930.