'Expect the police:' Warning after rockery stones stolen from Doncaster park

A thief stealing decades old stones from a Doncaster park’s rockery has been told to expect a visit from the police.

Bosses at Sandall Park have issued the warning after rocks were taken from an ornamental garden in the popular Wheatley park.

A spokesman for Friends of Sandall Park, the volunteer group which looks after the park, said: “Someone has been helping themselves - stealing in fact - to the rockery stones in the park.

"This might not sound like the crime of the century but it is theft, and the stones are not there for the taking. It is making the rockeries unstable too.

Stones are being stolen from Sandall Park. (Photo: FOSP).

"We do have quite a lot of information about the thief - part description, part name, roughly where he lives.

"We just need a tad more before the police can knock on his door. The police are making enquiries too as we have reported it as a crime.

"So if you have seen a man walking along Thorne Road, from the park towards Doncaster, carrying any large stones/boulders we'd be grateful for any information so we can retrieve the property. Please send us a message.”

“If you are that man/thief - perhaps you'd like to return them?

"It just might save you being arrested for theft and getting a criminal record if you've seen the error of your ways?”

Anyone with information about the theft of the rockery stones or who may be able to identfy the man wanted, can contact Friends of Sandall Park through Facebook HERE