Dumped and left to die by roadside

The pony that was dumped to die at Clayton, just outside Thurnscoe.
The pony that was dumped to die at Clayton, just outside Thurnscoe.

THIS emaciated little pony was dumped and left to to die a horrible death on a roadside track on a freezing cold night.

RSPCA workers and police are appealing for information about the appalling act of cruelty to the young mare, who was filthy and neglected.

Horse lover Lynda Grainger of Wath and two of her friends discovered the sorry sight in the village of Clayton, near Thurnscoe, after they were made aware of the dead pony’s whereabouts on the morning of February 2.

Lynda, 54, said: “The mare was found by a villager out for a morning walk who told my friend about it. She called me to go with her to investigate.

“I felt absolutely sick. I think the pony had died just a short while before we got there, and I try not to think of the suffering she must have gone through.

“She must have died of malnutrition and it was a bitter cold night. She was in a terrible condition”.

The women contacted the RSPCA, and both the police and a Barnsley Council representative attended the scene.

“They were visibly shocked by what they saw”, added Lynda. “I’ve kept horses for over 30 years and this has really upset me.

“How can the person or people who did this live with themselves? It makes my blood boil”!

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said an investigation is ongoing.

She said: “The RSPCA was called by a member of the public and sent an inspector straight to the scene. Unfortunately, the horse had died before we got there.

“We believe this poor animal has been dumped out of the back of a truck or van to die, probably because the owners didn’t want to pay for a vet to treat it or the knackerman to dispose of it.

“We have seen a number of similar incidents in South Yorkshire, particularly in the Doncaster area, in recent months.

“Anyone who has any specific information about who the owners are should call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 and ask to leave a message for inspector Tamsin Drysdale”.