Drugs finds in Doncaster jails have increased

Cannabis plants.
Cannabis plants.

Cases of prisoners in Doncaster jails being caught with drugs are rocketing according to new Government figures.

Figures for HMP Doncaster show 100 incidents of drugs being found in an inmate’s possessions in 2013-14, compared with 59 the year before, 11 in 2011-12 and 22 in 2010-11.

And the figures show 15 incidents where visitors were arrested by the police on suspicion of conveying drugs in 2013-4, compared with 11 in the previous 12 months, just one in 2011-12 and seven in 2010-11.

Ministers claim the rise shows robust security measures are working.

There were three arrests on suspicion of smuggling drugs at Moorland prison, near Hatfield Woodhouse, in 2013-14, the same as the year before, while at nearby Lindholme prison it was nine, two up on 2012-13.

Moorland had two incidents where drugs were found in a prisoner’s possession in 2013-14, the same as the year before.

Lindholme had four cases, a fall from seven.

A Ministry of Justice spokeswoman said: “It is illogical to say our drugs strategy is failing because of the number of seizures. What this in fact shows is our robust security measures, which include the use of intelligence-led searches and specially trained drugs dogs, are working.”

John Tolland Serco Director HMP Doncaster said “Our random drug tests show that the numbers testing positive have fallen dramatically over the past 15 years. While this is good progress, we remain just as focussed as we always have been on cracking down on drugs in prison.”