Drugged-up thug tried to ‘disfigure’ girlfriend in brutal attack in Doncaster home

A thug who tried to “disfigure” his girlfriend in a drink and drug-fuelled rage dragged her before a mirror so she could see her blood-covered face, Sheffield Crown Court has heard.

By Tim Cunningham
Thursday, 8th October 2020, 1:02 pm

Sam Price's victim "thought she was going to die" during the brutal attack in her Mexborough home, between 3am and 6.15am, on June 6, prosecutor Louise Gallagher said.

"He screamed: "Look at what you have made me do." Ms Gallagher said. "She had no idea what he would do next and begged him to leave her alone."

Price dragged her into the lounge and warned her to drop charges from another assault, for which he was on bail, in October 2019.

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STOCK: Domestic violence illustration.

He spat in her face and left the flat, taking her bloodstained clothing with him.

The woman was left with such severe sweling she could hardly see, as well as cuts to her nose where he bit her. The court heard he kicked her in the ribs and slammed her head into a wall.

"He has destroyed my life to the point where he wanted to disfigure me," she said in a statement. "I am absolutely terrified of him."

The court heard Price's victim was vulnerable, and there had been a "culture of coercion."

Martin Sharpe, mitigating, said Price, who is also known as “Eugene”, has previous convictions for dishonesty and breaching court orders, but did not have a reputation for violent offences.

“He takes full responsibility, greatly regrets his behaviour and shows remorse,” he said.

“His only explanation is that he was drinking and using Class A drugs at the time. He was concerned about the breakdown of his primary relationship and the welfare of his children.”

Mr Sharpe described Price’s relationship with the woman as "tempestuous" and argued that any prison sentence should be suspended.

He said Price detoxed in prison and has employment in a recycling firm in Widnes owned by his uncle, but “needs help with reactions to situations he finds himself in.”

Price, 30, of Summergangs Lane, Gainsborough, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm, after initially denying the charge.

On Friday Judge Rachael Harrison sentenced him to 29 months in prison for the "prolonged act of domestic violence", and imposed a four-year restraining order.

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