Drink and drug to be carried out by police


Police officers in South Yorkshire are taking part in a week-long campaign aimed at tackling drink and drug drivers.

The campaign, co-ordinated by the European Traffic Police Network, is being run by forces across Europe, with roadside tests being carried out.

President Aidan Reid says: “Driving after consuming even a small amount of alcohol is dangerous. Drivers will experience slower reactions, poor judgement of speed, reduced co-ordination and concentration, even with low levels of alcohol in their system.

“Driving while over the drink drive limit is against the law.

“No one else can force you to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It’s a choice you make, and we urge you to ensure you make the safe choice. So if you have had a drink, do not drive. If you need to drive, then do not drink.

“Also, don’t get into a car if you suspect the driver has been drinking alcohol or taking drugs. Instead, make a responsible decision and call the police.

“If you have used recreational drugs, then do not drive.”