Dozens of retired cops apply to rejoin South Yorkshire Police

Dozens of retired officers have applied to rejoin South Yorkshire Police under a new recruitment scheme.

By Claire Lewis
Sunday, 6th September 2020, 7:47 am

With police officer numbers having been slashed over the years to cut costs, there is now a national drive to recruit 20,000 new cops over three years.

South Yorkshire Police is aiming to recruit 1,400 extra officers and has so far taken on 267, who are all expected to be in post by October.

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Dozens of retired police officers in South Yorkshire have re-applied to join the force.

The force is also offering retired bobbies the chance to return and 26 who left the force have since rejoined.

Another 18 are going through checks ahead of being re-appointed and 15 other applications are being considered.

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South Yorkshire Police said: “The return scheme helps the force to retain officers with valuable skills and experience who would ordinarily retire, whilst providing officers who are keen to continue in policing with the opportunity to re-join.”

The scheme allows retired officers to access their pension lump sum.

Applicants must have spent a minimum of one month and a maximum of two years in retirement.

Compulsory retirement age limits apply.

Advertising the scheme on its website, South Yorkshire Police said: “Its primary purpose is to assist in the return and retention of those officers whom it is considered essential to retain rather than lose to retirement.”

Promoting the recruitment drive for more officers, Chief Constable Stephen Watson said: “If you are a person of the right calibre, with the right values and a strong sense of public duty, then we will be able to provide you with fantastic opportunities.”

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