Doncaster town centre pub boss in music ban

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The proprietor of a Doncaster bar faced the music at London’s High Court after the playing of recorded music at his venue was banned by one of the country’s top judges.

Mr Justice Arnold imposed the sound of silence on Victoria Swart of Garage Bar, Silver Street, after hearing she had been caught playing copyrighted music without a licence.

The judge also ordered Swart, who was not in court and not represented, to pay £1,616 in legal costs in the next 14 days.

The ban extends to any other premises she runs until she brings her licence up to date. If she does not comply she could end up behind bars.

She was caught after a Phonographic Performance Licence inspector visited the bar and heard music including Creepin’ Up The Backstairs by the Fratellis, All In Your Rows by the Maccabees, and 1996 by the Wombats being played on November 22 last year.

PPL said solicitors sent letters to the premises informing her of the ruling and invited her to acquire a licence. However, she failed to do so and the decision was taken to prosecute.

The ban applies to all forms of mechanically recorded music such as records, tapes and CDs in PPL’s repertoire.

Spokeswoman Clare Goldie said: “Licences are issued to hundreds of thousands of businesses and organisations across the UK who play recorded music and who require a licence by law. Our members are entitled to be fairly paid for the use of their recordings.”