Doncaster resident’s gunshot terror

Gun incident in Doncaster.
Gun incident in Doncaster.

A terrified resident described the moment he was confronted by a masked gunman at a house in Doncaster.

Przehek Malicki was in the garden of the house on Broxholme Lane, Wheatley, when the attacker struck.

He fled inside to call police and shots were fired in his wake.

Armed police rushed to the scene on Broxholme Lane, Wheatley, and were there for more than an hour searching for the offenders assisted by the force helicopter.

Mr Malicki, two other men and a woman, all of whom appeared to be in their 20s – were escorted from the house by police for their own safety and to help with enquiries.

Describing the incident, Mr Malicki said: “We were in the garden and someone knocked on the back gate and asked for someone called Peter.

“He then shouted at me to open the gate.

“I thought it was strange he was at the back so, instead of opening it, I went into the kitchen so I could get a chair to look over.

“When I did I saw three people there – one of them with a gun. He was wearing a black mask.

“The gun was two metres away from my head.

“The man shouted ‘Open the door’ again.

“I just jumped down and ran in the house with my friends and called the police.

“I have no idea what they wanted.”

A spokeswoman for South Yorkshire Police said: “At 5.30pm on Monday police received reports that shots had been fired at a property on Broxholme Lane.

“Officers conducted enquiries at the scene, where it is believed that two shots had caused some property damage, but no one had been injured.

“Enquiries are ongoing.”

Neighbours said that they had been alerted to the incident by the sound of gunshots.

“I heard them at about 5.30, and the next thing the police turned up sirens screaming,” said Christine Chesters, who lives opposite.

“The police helicopter was in the air too, looking for someone.

“At first there were six or seven armed police and they closed off the road.

“They were focussed on one house, though no-one seems to know what’s going on.”

She added that she believed she had also heard shots in the area the previous evening.

Steve Harker, who lives on adjoining Vaughn Avenue, added: “I heard something that sounded like gunshots when I was out in the garden,” he said. “I didn’t think anything of it at the time – you hear a lot of strange noises around here.”

Though the armed police left at 6.30pm, crime scene officers were still at the scene at 10pm.

Nobody has been arrested, South Yorkshire Police said.

Anyone with any information about this incident is urged to call 101 quoting incident number 956 of August 26.