Doncaster Police off-road team seize a stolen motorbike and arrest man riding it

Doncaster Police off road team seize a stolen motorbike and arrest man riding it

Sunday, 31st October 2021, 11:38 am

The team stopped a stolen Lexmoto scooter spotted crossing the Great North Road onto Green Lane Woodlands.

The rider was dealt with for handling stolen goods and driving offences.

Two teenagers were stopped at Steetly Quarry riding a pit bike on the footpath over the viaduct.

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Stolen scooter seized by SYP off-road team.

A spokesman said: “The teenage rider with his pal on the back, in fairness stopped and was polite. His mate on the back was carrying a large plastic home made bomb, which was a pop bottle full of fuel under his jacket.

“Thankfully they had not come off anywhere and found out that probably was not the best idea.

“They had made it all the way from Barnaby Dunn which is quite some way off. A couple of the locals photo bombed us while we were taking the picture.”

The bike was seized and the rider let off.

Seized motorbike was being ridden dangerously by two teenagers.
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