Doncaster named one of worst places in UK for drink driving convictions

Doncaster has been named as one of the worst places in the UK for drink driving convictions.

A league of shame puts Doncaster at number two spot in the whole of the UK – with only Middlesbrough in the north east faring worse in the drink-driving stakes.

Figures show that 15.9 drivers per thousand in Doncaster’s DN1 postcode have a drink drive conviction.

Middlesbrough’s figure is 16.1 – three times the UK average.

Doncaster has some of the hghest drink driving rates in the country.

Wolverhampton’s WV1 postcode is third with 15.3.

Figures revealed by the DVLA under Freedom of Information laws show that four of the ten worst places in the UK are in the North, three in the Midlands and three in Wales.

These areas have more than ten times the numbers in the places with the lowest rates.

The DVLA figures are broken down into almost 3,000 postcode areas.

And they show that 275,000 of the nation’s 41.2 million drivers have a drink-drive endorsement, with a national average of 6.6 per 1,000.

London and many areas of the South are at the bottom of the table — with just one in every 1,000 having a drink-drive conviction.

Other places in the North in the worst ten areas are Grimsby and Blackpool.

Those in the Midlands include a second area of Wolverhampton and the Castle Vale area of Birmingham.

The worst in Wales are Bargoed and New Tredegar, in Caerphilly, as well as Treorchy, Rhondda.

Anyone wanting to report drink driving in Doncaster can contact South Yorkshire Police on 101.