Doncaster man jailed after stabbing friend in ‘drunken fight that got out of hand’

Peter Lockeron, of Junction Road, Doncaster has been jailed for 30 months
Peter Lockeron, of Junction Road, Doncaster has been jailed for 30 months

A Doncaster man who stabbed his friend when a drunken fight got out of hand has been jailed for more than two years.

Peter Lockeron, aged 39, stabbed Michael Squires in the stomach and slit his arm when the pair began fighting following a day of drinking.

Sheffield Crown Court heard his victim, who was armed with a staircase spindle to defend himself, only realised he had been stabbed when he saw blood gushing onto his clothing.

Megan Rhys, prosecuting, said Lockeron had been living with Mr Squires and his sister for a couple of weeks when the attack happened.

Lockeron and Mr Squires had been drinking at friend’s house when they returned home in the early hours on Saturday, August 23, 2014, and started making something to eat.

Ms Rhys said an argument broke out and Lockeron hit Mr Squires on the cheek, before the pair began ‘pushing and shoving’.

She said: “Mr Squires walked towards the living room. Lockeron opened a kitchen cupboard where the sharp knives were kept and picked one up saying he was going to teach him.”

Lockeron slit Mr Squires’ arm, so he grabbed a staircase spindle to ‘put some distance between them’.

Mr Squires’ sister was unable to separate the pair.

Ms Rhys said: “Mr Squires tried to get upstairs. He stumbled and as he did he felt a sharp pain in his stomach.

“He went into the living room and could see a wound to his abdomen and there was blood trickling down.”

Lockeron told Mr Squires’ sister that she should phone for an ambulance because he had stabbed him.

He then gave her the knife before leaving to go to a friend’s house.

Mr Squires was taken to hospital where doctors found he had two four-centimetre wounds to his left arm and a 2cm wound in his abdomen which required treatment.

Lockeron told police he acted in self-defence, because he saw Mr Squires armed with the stair spindle and thought he was ‘going to cave his head in’.

Ms Rhys said: “It was a drunken fight that got out of hand.”

Lockeron, of Junction Road, Staniforth, Doncaster admitted wounding with intent.

In mitigation, the court heard Lockeron had began abusing alcohol after losing his job and was ‘sorry and remorseful’ for his actions.

Jailing Lockeron for 30 months, Judge Peter Kelson QC said: “This was a sustained attack.”