Doncaster firm fined for selling an unsafe tyre

Yousef Khan, who trades as the Tyre Clinic, has pleaded guilty to selling an unsafe part worn tyre following a test purchase operation by Doncaster Council’s Trading Standards team.

Tuesday, 25th June 2019, 12:08 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th June 2019, 1:12 pm
Worn tyre

At Doncaster Justice Centre North on Wednesday 5th June, Mr Khan pleaded guilty to not having the correct markings on a part worn tyre and supplying an unsafe tyre to a Trading Standards Officer from his business “Tyre Clinic” on Kelham Street Industrial Estate in Doncaster. Mr Khan was ordered to pay a fine, costs and victim surcharge of just under £700. Mr Khan supplied a tyre which had an unsafe patch-only repair in the shoulder of the tyre. This repair left the structure of the tyre exposed so moisture could get in, which in use would lead to corrosion of the steel reinforcing piles. The repair was also outside of the repairable area. Because a tyre curves away from the middle of where the tyre rolls on the road, only the centre area is repairable. Any defect in an area that does not get worn on the road could lead to pressure causing a blowout. If this occurred on a motorway, there could be a risk of serious injuries. The conviction stemmed from a test-purchase project undertaken regionally across the Yorkshire and Humber. In Doncaster, 75% of part worn tyres that were test purchased failed to comply in some way with Motor Vehicle Tyres (Safety) Regulations 1994.Cllr Chris McGuinness, Cabinet Member for Communities, Voluntary Sector, and the Environment said: “The results of this test purchase operation are particularly concerning. Consumers are being supplied tyres that are potentially unsafe and this could lead to catastrophic consequences. Unsafe, Illegal ‘Part worn’ tyres are an ever present danger to the general public and I’m pleased that our Trading Standards team are tackling this issue. “On top of the safety risks, driving with sub-standard tyres can also land you with a huge fine and even a driving ban. You can be fined £2,500 and given three penalty points for each faulty tyre on your car. “It may be tempting to buy cheap used tyres but our advice is that the safest possible option for drivers when replacing their tyres is to go for brand new. If consumers must purchase part worn then we recommend that extreme care is taken and to follow the appropriate guidance to make sure that they’re in good condition.” If you have looked into buying a part worn tyre and believe that the tyres that were up for sale did not comply with the legislation, please contact Doncaster Trading Standards via Citizens Advice on 03454 040506.

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