Doncaster estate hit by spate of arson attacks - police column

High visibility patrols have been running on a Denaby estate this week after a spate of arson attacks, writes acting Insp Richard Mangham

Friday, 6th September 2019, 9:46 am

We have seen fires deliberately started on the Kilner Park estate, where there is concern about anti social behaviour.

The problem has seen people going into houses that are partially built, and setting building materials alight. The fire services have been called out to deal with these fires on occasions, so we are taking action.

Some of the estate is already occupied, and it is clearly a concern for those living there.

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Fire Service.Generic Fire engine and Fire service officers. Picture Richard Ponter 132217b

Inquiries are ongoing.

We have also seen concerns over nuisance behaviour in Conisbrough town centre, where there have been complaints about people riding quad bikes antisocially. No one has been arrested yet but we are trying to find out who the riders area.

A major focus on our policing last week was Edlington, where we have seen antisocial behaviour and criminal damage rise in the last six weeks, co-inciding with the schools' holiday period.

To deal with that, we had a week of action including high visibility patrols around the Royal Estate area, as well as community engagement stalls at several shops. There were also officials from Doncaster Council involved in the week of action.

The week of action also saw a community protection notice issued to a man who has been begging around Staveley Street.

The notices are issued to deal with antisocial behaviour. They are a step in a process that starts with a warning, which is upgraded to a full notice if the problem persists, and if it still continues can lead to a civil injunction.

It is the first one of these notices that I'm aware of for begging in Edlington, and follows concerns that have been brought to our attention by partners in the community. It has been causing general nuisance. The man is not believed to be homeless and is believed to be begging for economic gain.

We have also served what are known as 'red letters' to two youths as part of a process to deal with antisocial behaviour in Edlington. The first stage is to engage them with our antisocial behaviour team, which works with them on education and finding other more constructive activities for them. If there is still a problem, they get a 'red letter' from us warning them about their behaviour, and then the next stage would be an anti-social behaviour contract, agreed with their parents. Breaching that can lead to a civil injunction.

Away from Edlington, We are working with a rough sleeper in Mexboorugh. We are working with the council's complex lives team on the issue. The plan is to find him accommodation and put him in touch with support services.

We are also looking at high visibility patrols at the park on Barnsley Road, in Scawsby, where we are getting reports of general anti-social behaviour, and more specifically, drug use and nuisance motorcycles.

The result of that is that it has become a focus for us and for stronger communities colleages at Doncaster Council.

We are yet to identify any individuals, but have found clear signs of drug taking and equpiment used in taking drugs. We would urge anyone with information to to get in touch.

We have also had our off-road motorbikes team in the area.

We have seen a focus in Bentley around a derelict building on Pickering Road, which I understand was once a care home.

There are concerns that the boarding has been removed from the windows and doors, and that people are getting inside.

Apart from the issue of antisocial behaviour, we are also worried that the building is not in a safe condition and someone could be seriously injured if they go inside.

Elsewhere. Vandals have been targeting pubs in Adwick and Carcroft.

We have had reports of people smashing windows outside opening hours, as well as a window being broken on a vehicle in a pub car park.

This has led us to plan a meeting with the local pubwatch group. Inquiries are going.

Meanwhile, on Friday we were working with our police cadets, taking them out with our PCSOs when we have been doing speed operations near their base on Barnsley Road, Scawthorpe.

We have been out at Redhouse Lane, Adwick; Jossey Lane, Scawthorpe; and Barnsley Road, Scawsby. We are educating them about what the dangers of speed and general road safety.

Finally, September 27 will be our next community drop-in at Mexborough Police Station. Please come in to speak to our PCSOs about any matter of concern.