Doncaster dad suffers facial injuries after unprovoked 'attack' by nightclub bouncers

A Doncaster dad was left covered in blood with severe facial injuries after being subjected to what he says was an unprovoked attack by nightclub bouncers.

By Darren Burke
Thursday, 11th July 2019, 3:09 pm

Billy Brown suffered a gash to his cheek, a black eye and cuts, bruises and grazes to the rest of his body after being kicked and thrown down stairs outside a Doncaster club in the early hours of Sunday morning.

And Mr Brown, 36, is demanding answers from staff at Silver Street’s Kooky club for the incident which he says was unprovoked and which is now being investigated by police.

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Billy Brown needed five stitches to his cheek and was left with a black eye.

He said: “I’d done absolutely nothing wrong. Me and my friends were just having a good time when I was suddenly leapt on, bundled out of the building and thrown down the stairs and kicked in the face.

“They had tried to turn me away at the start of the night but the manager had allowed us in, so I think it was connected to that.”

Mr Brown from Cantley had paid £200 for VIP tickets for a Clubland dance music night at the club and had arrived at the venue at around 1am with his partner Casey Jackson and friends and relatives Charlie and Julie Cash, Vicky Reast and Casey’s dad Tony Jackson.

He spent several hours in hospital after he was left with blood pouring from his face.

He said: “When we got to the door, the bouncers wouldn’t let me in. They wouldn’t give a reason, they just kept saying no.

”We explained that we’d got VIP tickets and asked to see the manager.

“After he came down and spoke to us, we were allowed in but I could tell from the looks on some of the bouncers’ faces that they weren’t happy. I think it’s just because my face didn’t fit.”

The group then spent the rest of the night partying and drinking without problems until around 4.20am when Mr Brown says he was suddenly leapt on by about seven or eight door staff.

Miss Jackson said: “They jumped on my partner, dragged him across the dance floor and led him to a back door and threw him out down the stairs.

“In the meantime, I was thrown across the dance floor by one of the bouncers and once I’d got back to my feet I headed for the doors they were taking him out of but I wasn’t allowed out and they scooped me up and pushed me out of the front door.”

As the pair reunited outside the club, Mr Brown emerged from the rear of the venue with blood pouring from a wound in his face.

He said: “The last thing I can remember is being thrown down the stairs and a kicked at my face.

“There was blood everywhere, it was pouring down me and my face was a right mess.”

The couple called 999 and police attended – and investigations into the incident are ongoing.

Mr Brown, a telecommunications engineer, then spent several hours in A&E at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, receiving five stitches in his cheek wound.

He said: “I don’t go out in town very much at all – once in a blue moon – and when it does, something like this happens.

“I’ve got a 16-year-old daughter who’s at the age where she wants to start going round town but how can you when things like this are going on?

“I did nothing wrong. It was just totally unprovoked because they didn’t like my face for some reason and the fact that we had gone to the manager to get in and they didn’t like that.”

“I'd like the lads who did it to get done for it. If it happens to me, it can happen to other too.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “An investigation has been launched following an alleged assault outside Kooky’s in Doncaster in the early hours of Sunday morning.

“Officers were called to the nightclub shortly after 5am on Sunday to reports that a 36-year-old man had been assaulted.

“The man suffered facial injuries during the incident. Enquiries are ongoing."

A spokesman for Unity Bars and Clubs, operator of Kooky, said: “A male was removed from the venue for being aggressive towards other patrons and once outside continued to be aggressive towards the police who moved him away.”