Doncaster car 'kidnapping' was drunken argument, family involved say

A Doncaster ‘kidnapping’ incident where a girl was seen screaming and banging on windows in the back of a car was a drunken argument, the family involved have come forward to say.

Wednesday, 24th November 2021, 8:22 am
Police were called in following reports of a 'kidnapping.'

A worried passer by called police after seeing the woman screaming for help in the back of a car in Station Road, Dunscroft, shouting: “Help, I’m being kidnapped.”

South Yorkshire Police launched a probe into the incident which happened at around 8.45pm on Monday.

Now the family involved say it was a drunken feud.

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One family member said: “No one got kidnapped.

“It was me and my mum falling out - nowt what people are making out.”

Another said: “It was a family fall out. She got chucked in the back of the car by a family member – of course she was going to scream help.”

The family were slammed for ‘wasting police time.’

One said: “If it was a family disagreement still not funny with what's going on these days.”

Another said: “What a stupid thing to do, you've not only wasted police time, but also made a member of the public panic and distressed.

"For what? A bit of attention. Think some growing up is needed here, let’s hope you haven't put off others reporting things like this if they see it.”

Police confirmed they were investigating and a spokesman said: "It was reported that a car pulled up alongside a woman on Station Road where she reported hearing a woman distressed in the back of the vehicle.

"The vehicle then drove away in the direction of Stainforth.

Contact police on 101 quoting incident number 898 of 22 November.