Dogs track down suspected car thieves in Doncaster after they flee from police

Two police dogs traced chased and caught suspected car thieves in Doncaster after they tried to flee from officers.

By Kev Rogers
Friday, 13th August 2021, 3:51 pm

The importance of the use of police dogs has been highlighted after two criminals were apprehended.

South Yorkshire Police's operational support team, reported that police dogs 'Blue' and 'Kiki' teamed up last weekend to get two car thieving burglars locked up.

When the BMW stolen in a Doncaster burglary was abandoned after a pursuit, the South Yorkshire Dogs Support Unit attended the scene.

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Police dog Blue.

A police spokesman said: “Handler Ash took Blue to track the thieves from the car whilst Faye Implemented a cunning pincer manoeuvre getting ahead of the two ne'erdowells.

“The two men were located, trapped between their canine pursuers and had nowhere to go, not so tough now it seems, by all accounts new underwear may be a priority.”

The men were arrested and are expected to be charged with burglary following the incident.

Police dog Kiki