‘Disgraceful’ Isle mums in house attack on woman

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TWO Isle mothers who carried out a violent attack on another woman have been freed after spending five months behind bars on remand.

Holly Edge and Tara Burton were both involved in what Judge Jeremy Richardson described as a shameful, violent and appalling attack on Levi Platt at Station Road in Graizelound.

In a hearing at Grimsby Crown Court, he said the pair deserved an immediate jail term, but spared them it because they had already spent five months in custody before their sentencing.

Judge Richardson said he believed that during their time on remand they would have suffered the punitive effect of the sentence.

Edge and Burton were given a 15-month sentence, suspended for two years.

Telling them they were an ‘utter disgrace’, Judge Richardson said: “Women like you with children, brawling and attacking another, is shameful, violent and appalling.

“Both of you deserve to go to prison for 15 months for this appalling episode.

“You have punched and dragged this woman by her hair, and then cut it.

“Mercifully there was not a fracture of her cheekbone.”

He added: “A serious feature of the case is that two children were present and they saw what was happening and had to be taken inside.

“This case warrants immediate prison, but you have been on remand longer than would normally have been the case.

“I have to bear in mind that a prison sentence falls hard on families, and I am well aware that women’s prisons are very unpleasant places.”

At an earlier hearing the court was told that Edge, 27, of Ashtree Close, Belton, and Burton, 28, of Coronation Crescent, Epworth, had both pleaded guilty to charges of unlawful wounding.

They had gone to Holly Villas in Station Road, Graizelound, where Edge had grabbed Levi Platt by the hair, and dragged her along the ground, at which point Burton had got involved and repeatedly punched Platt to the head and face.

Edge had then cut Platt’s hair, and struck her with the scissors she was using, causing a cut to the eyelid and an injury to the top of her head.