Deportation plan for evil brothers who abused children in Rotherham

Eduard Peticky
Eduard Peticky

A pair of twisted Slovakian brothers who abused young children in Rotherham are facing deportation - but only after serving jail time in the UK.

Eduard and Ludovit Peticky are set to be sent back to their home nation after their sentences in Britain come to an end.

Ludovit Peticky

Ludovit Peticky

The brothers were jailed at Sheffield Crown Court this week after being found guilty of a string of sickening sexual offences against three young children.

Eduard Peticky was given a life sentence and will not be considered for parole for at least 10 years, while Ludovit Peticky received 12 years in jail.


Psychopathic Slovakian rapist who abused children in Rotherham was allowed into UK despite being ‘dangerous repeat offender’

Under Home Office policy, every EU national in this country who receives a custodial sentence is considered for deportation or administrative removal.

Rules states that any foreign criminal who has been given a prison sentence of 12 months or more is suitable for deportation after their jail time has ended.

The Home Office has said it ‘does not routinely comment on individual cases’ but added it takes a ‘robust approach in considering and pursuing the deportation of EU national offenders’.

Ian Mullarkey, defending Eduard Peticky, said in court that has client has already agreed to leave the UK.

“The defendant is facing deportation back to Slovakia. He has signed the relevant document agreeing to that course being taken,” he said.

At the sentencing hearing for the brothers, Judge Peter Kelson QC expressed concerns at the delay in time in finding out about the brothers’ past convictions in Slovakia, which included Eduard Peticky serving time in jail for being the ringleader of a gang rape of two women in a park in 1988.

The sentencing of the two men had to be delayed for 13 months after a trial last year as the police and CPS worked to get the relevant information from the Slovakian authorities.

Judge Kelson said more needed to be done about sharing information about the past criminal convictions of foreign offenders between EU member states.

In March, Home Secretary Theresa May called on other EU members states to ‘do more to share criminal record information proactively’, in order to make it easier for UK authorities to identify criminals before they try to enter the UK.

The Home Office is also ‘pressing’ for a more comprehensive system for sharing information about immigrants from outside the EU who have criminal convictions relating to offences committed in Europe.

A spokesman said checks on foreign nationals going through the UK criminal justice system have increased by 1,000 per cent since 2010, with 61,000 requests made last year.

Eduard Peticky, 48, of Josephine Road, Rotherham, was convicted of four offences – trafficking for sexual exploitation, sexual assault on a child under 13, engaging in sexual activity with a child and causing or inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity.

Ludovit Peticky, 45, now of Legrams Lane, Bradford, was convicted of five counts of sexual assault of a child under 13 and a further count of causing or inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity.


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