Crime commissioner supports domestic abuse campaign

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Shaun Wright.
South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Shaun Wright.

Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright is supporting a domestic abuse campaign.

He announced this year he will be prioritising women and victims of domestic abuse.

Tracey Cheetham, the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner who is leading on the domestic abuse campaign on behalf of Shaun Wright said: “This year one of the Commissioner’s main focuses is protecting women and all victims of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse can include anybody from all diverse backgrounds.

“It is important to highlight the need for more work to go into protecting victims of abuse and those children who are growing up in homes where domestic abuse is part of family life. We need to educate these children that violence and abuse are not the norm or acceptable in our society. It is not necessary for them to carry on into their adult lives, the upbringing that they had. We must give these children the best chance of enjoying healthy relationships and understanding what that looks like.

“Now is the time for everybody to act and play their part in stamping out domestic abuse once and for all. A good example of this is Eve Thomas, who after years in a violent relationship finally found not only the courage to leave, but the strength to stand up for herself and others. Eve has recently lobbied parliament in a bid to stop addresses of vulnerable at risk people being read out in court. If women such as Eve can do their bit to raise awareness and protect others, then now is the time for us all to consider what we can do to make a difference.”