Children put at risk by off-road bikers around Doncaster

A map showing Doncaster's nuisance motorcyclists.
A map showing Doncaster's nuisance motorcyclists.

It’s a reckless pursuit that puts people in danger and also spoils the countryside all around Doncaster.

That is the view of those who live and work in the hardest hit part of Doncaster when it comes to nuisance off-road motorcyclists.

The Harlington, Barnburgh and High Melton area falls within the Sprotbrough ward on Doncaster Council and the councillors who represent the area are fed up with the problem.

Among the areas they feel suffer from the issue are Brodsworth walkway, Cadeby Quarry, Melton Wood, and the Crags.

Coun Cynthia Ransome is concerned some of those spoiling the peace appear to have been putting children in danger by carrying them on the back of their bikes with no head protection.

She said: “We have a lot of nice walkways in this area and I think they believe they have the right to go through them and charge up the paths, tearing them up and leaving them dirty.

“I’ve seen quite a few of them.”

“You get people on illegal motorbikes with young children on the back and no helmets.

“You get a lot of bikers on fields behind some of the houses in my ward.

“You see them round Cadeby quarry and they use walkways like Brodsworth walkway, which was an old pit tip.

“It has been reclaimed with grass and lovely trees but it gets churned up by motorbikes and quad bikes. They spoil the countryside.

“People need to keep ringing the police about this, because that will give them the chance to build up a picture.”

Coun Jonathan Wood shares concern for those who are riding the bikes – and warns he is aware there have been injuries.

He said: “The problem is Melton Wood and The Crags.

“There are about three miles where it happens, and then they move on to the road to Mexborough and Conisbrough. I think it is usually the same people.

“There are woods there with a great deal of nature potential and a great deal of natural beauty, and they are spoiled by the selfish actions of a few.”

Scrapyard for machines causing fears for safety

When they catch them, they will crush their bikes.

That has been the message to nuisance bikers from Doncaster Council environmental health bosses who has just destroyed a dozen off-road motorcycles they had seized at a borough scrapyard.

Coun Jonathan Wood has praised the action taken.

He said: “I know police and the council work to deal with this and often bring a helicopter when they can get one. When they can, they take the bikes and crush them.

“Nuisance bikers are a gross nuisance and I think they endanger people. It is a persistent problem. We’ve seen injuries and we’ve seen bikes lying in hedges after they’ve crashed.”