CASEY-LYANNE KEARNEY MURDER TRIAL - Mum tells of last moments with her daughter

Casey Kearney
Casey Kearney

THE heartbroken mum of Casey Kearney described saying goodbye to her daughter for the last time - and telling her she loved her.

In a statement read to the court, Kerry Day recalled the last time she had seen her daughter alive and said: “We both said I love you to each other.

“There were no definite arrangements made with Casey for the next day. She had gone to stay at her friend’s.”

Describing the afternoon that followed, Kerry said: “I had a shower because Casey’s stepdad Mark and I were going to go out that night for Valentine’s Day.

“At about 1.20pm Casey’s younger sister Sophie brought me my mobile phone. A male spoke and said it was the police.

“He asked if Casey had any health problems, because she had been found unconscious in Elmfield Park.

“I thought she might have had an asthma attack. He told me to stay where I was. I rang Mark and asked him to come home. He got back and rang Casey’s mobile.

“The police told us she was on her way to Doncaster Royal Infirmary and we should go straight to the hospital.

“It became apparent that Casey had been stabbed.

“They worked on her all afternoon and into the night. She died at 9.35pm.”

Hannah Bonser, 26, of Cusworth House, St James’ Street, Hyde Park, denies murdering the 13-year-old McAuley Catholic High School pupil from Rossington.

The trial continues.