Car thieves strike at two Doncaster homes

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Burglars who struck at two Doncaster homes added insult to injury when they drove off in the owner’s car.

Raiders removed a door lock at a house at Sunnyside, Edenthorpe, and took £60 and the keys to a £17,000 VW Passatt from a kitchen worktop before stealing the car.

They struck sometime between 11pm on Monday, 20 January, and 5.50am on Tuesday, 21 January, while the occupant was asleep.

The culprits were at again a day later when they removed a pane of glass from a back, ground-floor window to enter a house at The Grove, Wheatley, between midnight and 5am on Wednesday, January 22.

They searched the dining room and kitchen, before making off with £100, the house keys and the keys to a £7000 Porsche Boxster convertible.

The raiders drove away in the Porsche, which had £2000 worth of golf clubs in the boot.

Police believe both incidents may be linked and they are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with information to come forward.

Officers also want to hear about any sightings of the vehicles – the Passatt is a grey, four-door saloon with the registration plate YT62 HVR, while the Porsche is silver with a black vinyl roof and the registration plate T818 BNW.

Anyone who can help should call South Yorkshire Police on: 101, quoting incident number 117 of 21 January regarding the Edenthorpe break-in and 99 of 22 January for the Wheatley incident.

More than 1000 suspects have been arrested since October as part of South Yorkshire Police’s Operation Lockdown to combat house burglary and vehicle theft.