Bonfire Night burglars target properties across Doncaster

Police tape.
Police tape.

Doncaster residents are being reminded to ensure their homes are secure, after a high number of burglaries took place across the borough on Bonfire Night.

Police received 13 reports of burglary last night spread across the town, including two reported burglaries in Balby, two in Rossington, two in Stainforth, as well as reports from Edlington, Mexborough and Hatfield.

The burglaries are believed to have taken place at a variety of times, in the afternoons to early evening, as well as overnight.

Officers have also responded to five reports of thefts from vehicles.

While officers do not believe the offences are linked and there doesn’t appear to be any area targeted, what the incidents appear to have in common is that the property is insecure, with unlocked doors and open windows being reported in some incidents.

Superintendent Natalie Shaw said: “As the dark nights begin to close in, we want to remind the public in Doncaster to be mindful of their home security.

“Leaving doors and windows insecure and unlocked or open could make you more vulnerable to crime.

“Please do make every effort to close and lock doors and windows when you leave a room or when you leave your car. We have had a number of reports of items being stolen from cars that have had insecure windows or doors.

“Don’t make it easy for criminals – by following simple crime prevention advice, you can protect your property and lower your risk of becoming a victim of crime.”

For more crime prevention advice, please visit:

If you have information relating to a burglary in your area, please call 101. If a crime is in progress or a life is at risk, call 999