Bobbies taken off the beat

PCSOs out on the street.
PCSOs out on the street.

Conisbrough residents fear that a change from PCs to PCSOs on the beat could lead to an increase of crime in the area.

Fears surfaced at the Conisbrough Partners and Community Together (PACT) at the Ivanhoe Centre last Wednesday, when it was confirmed that starting in September Police Community Support Officers will have their own beats, while police officers will take a more reactive role.

Sgt Richard Vernon, of the Conisbrough Safer Neighbourhoot Team, confirmed Police Officers from Safer Neighbourhood Teams are to operate ‘tasking teams’ which now cover merged South/West Areas of Doncaster and work shift patterns.

Officers from Edlington Station will cover Conisbrough and when they are not on shift Conisbrough will be covered by Rossington.

He said: “PCSOs will be taking over beat patrolling responsibilities and police officers will be part of a tasking team and will look at developing issues. We will address this as a team.” He said the changes meant an increase in the number of Safer Neighbourhood officers in Doncaster from 58-72 and the changes would allow officers to make a harder impact on crime.

A resident, who did not want to be named said: “ We are fed up with the crime and anti-social behaviour in Conisbrough. These ‘Tasking Teams’ will basically only do reactive policing or act on intelligence gather by PSCOS ‘beat managers’. Police Officers will do more reactive work than proactive, police officers will not be involved in Community Policing – they will not be involved in the walking and talking anymore. PCSO do not have warranted powers and can in some situations lack appropriate training.”

Sgt Vernon said over the past five weeks there had been 57 incidents of anti social behaviour in Conisbrough, with six in the priority areas of the Oval area and eight in the town centre. Crimes included five thefts in the town centre, eight motor vehicle offences, 10 burglaries from dwellings and five criminal damage cases.

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