Bike stolen from owner after just five hours recovered by police in Doncaster

A motorbike which was stolen from its owner after just five hours has been recovered by police in Doncaster.

Wednesday, 5th January 2022, 3:56 pm

Officers from South Yorkshire Police’s Off Road Team said the bike, which was stolen during the first Covid lockdown, was found in Adwick.

A spokesman said: “Stolen before the first lockdown from West Yorkshire and recovered by us following some good community intelligence.

"This one tracked down to the Adwick area of Doncaster.

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The bike was recovered in Adwick by police.

"The owner only had it five hours, from buying it brand new before it was nicked out of their garage.

"The latest owner of this one will be spoken to by us under caution.

"Is a black cat a good omen? Keeping our eyes peeled on the way back to the nick. First of 2022!

The spokesman added: “Keep informing us of bikes you suspect are stolen…we will ensure we do all we can to get them back.”

Contact 101 with details.