Beware doorstep callers in Doncaster

Doncaster police are urging the public to be more vigilant following recent incidents of distraction burglaries across the borough.

Distraction burglars tend to target older, more vulnerable members of the public at their homes, by posing as ‘bogus officials’, more commonly from utility services such as water or gas suppliers, and then gaining entrance into their home.

There will usually be two or more ‘bogus officials’ and whilst one will aim to distract the resident, the other attempts to steal property from their home.

Pc Craig Nicol said: “Bogus callers tend to prey on the elderly and vulnerable but everyone should be made aware and become more vigilant to this type of crime.”

If someone calls at your door without an appointment, ask to see their ID and check with their company before allowing them to enter as most organisations will set appointments rather than ‘cold calling’ at your door. If you are unsure, don’t let them in and call the police immediately.

Also, look out for strange vehicles outside your home and do not limit this to old cars or vans as ‘bogus officials’ will try to blend in by using new or professional looking cars.

Pc Nicol added “South Yorkshire Police take this type of crime extremely seriously and I want to reassure the public that we will do everything we can to stop these crimes.”

Visit the ‘Safety and security’ section of the South Yorkshire Police website for further advice on ‘Callers at Your Door’, and to find details of password schemes to check legitimate callers.