More than 600 call for cut to Doncaster traveller's 30 year jail term for attempted murder

More than 600 people have called for a Doncaster traveller’s ‘unfair’ 30 year jail sentence for attempted murder to be reduced.

By Darren Burke
Wednesday, 12th January 2022, 6:54 am

Henry Gaskin, 53, pleaded guilty to shooting a 22-year-old man in the chest in Leicestershire last year and was given a 30 year jail term shortly before Christmas.

His upset family are hoping to collect 10,000 signatures – and currently have just over 660 signatures on a petition, which can be found HERE

They say the sentence on Gaskin of Land’s End Road is ‘very harsh’ and that he was “a very respected and well liked man in the travelling community and his local community.”

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Henry Gaskin was jailed for 30 years for shooting a man in the chest.

Sharon Gaskin, who launched the petition, added: "He is the director of his family company.

“He is a doting husband to his wife Carol and a doting dad and grandad to his nine children and three grandchildren

“On December 16, our husband/dad/grandad Henry Gaskin was given a sentence of 30 years.

“Although he held his hands up to the crime, we find the sentence to be very harsh.

“We are not by any means asking for his sentence to be squashed, but we are trying to get it reduced.

“The more signatures we get the better chance we have of getting a response from the Government the number we need for this is 10,000.

Gaskin admitted an attempted murder charge following the shooting in Bagworth at around 9.20pm on 29 April last year.

Leicestershire Police firearms officers were called following reports a man had been shot and he was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Leicestershire Police say that although the victim’s condition has improved, he is continuing to receive medical treatment.

Enquiries led by the force’s Complex Investigation Team (CIT) identified three possible suspects – Henry, Carol and Samantha Gaskin – who it was believed had travelled to the area from South Yorkshire.

Henry and Carol Gaskin were arrested by police in Humberside on 4 May, with Samantha Gaskin being arrested the following month.

All three – of Lands End Road in Thorne – were subsequently charged.

A trial began on Friday 3 December but as case got underway, Henry Gaskin changed his plea and admitted a charge of attempted murder.

As a result, the case against Carol Gaskin, 51, and Samantha Gaskin, 29, was discontinued.

Detective Inspector Mark Parish was the senior investigating officer. He said: “This was a challenging investigation that involved both officers from across Leicestershire Police as well as colleagues from other forces who aided our enquiries.

“Henry Gaskin is a dangerous individual who were prepared to use extreme violence – and a firearm – in order to try and take a person’s life. He didn’t care for the consequences of his actions.

He added: “Despite initially denying his involvement, I am pleased that he eventually realised the evidence collated by our officers put him firmly at the centre of the investigation. He knew he had no choice but to admit he was responsible.

“I hope the public can take some reassurance from the fact he’s now serving a significant prison sentence and I also hope the victim is able to make a full recovery.”