400 arrests as police target thieves in Doncaster

Police display bikes which have been seized under a crime crackdown which has resulted in 379 arrests in Doncaster
Police display bikes which have been seized under a crime crackdown which has resulted in 379 arrests in Doncaster

Nearly 400 people have been arrested in just two weeks in a major crackdown on burglary, theft and car crime in Doncaster.

Police disclosed the figure after launching a crackdown called Operation Accolade at the start of the month.

Officers say the total of arrests, 379, has included a number of “prolific offenders”.

The wave of arrests has also pulled people in for antisocial behaviour and seen cycles confiscated from people where they have been suspected to have been stolen. It has also seen thousands of pounds worth of stolen computers, stereo systems, televisions and bikes confiscated and they are now among the items being held by police who say they have no way of finding the owners.

Chief Inspector Gwyn Thomas said: “During October, we have made 41 arrests for burglary offences and we’ve also been targeting people selling stolen goods.

“We’ve been having a crackdown on criminality, on those crimes that most affect the people of Doncaster.

“But we need to encourage members of the public to be as vigilant as they possibly can be.”

Officers are also trying to match recovered property with owners, and officers have been on the streets distributing pictures of around 50 bikes which they want to return to their owners.

Sgt Steve Butler said he expected the wave of arrests to cut crime levels across the borough.

He said: “If there is crime that is committed we need to be out there and detect it and do everything we can. It is more about public reassurance.

“We target our prolific offenders and if we can get those people locked up and out of the way then they can’t be out there committing offences.

He added police were working with other organisations to make Doncaster a safer place.

Part of the operation has been to stop bikes being stolen, and it has seen officers challenging people who are seen with cycles and checking the ownership. Sgt Butler said they had recovered a lot of bikes which they had been unable to return to their owners and urged people to security mark their cycles.

The operation was run at the start of what is seen as the run-up to Christmas.

The action on car crime also saw officers checking 614 cars checked on Tuesday night to see if they were left locked. Of those, 11 were found to be unlocked, including a top-of-the range Jaguar.

Those insecure vehicles also included work vans and small family cars. After finding an unlocked car, officers then woke the owners and advised them to secure their vehicle. The owners were also given an advice leaflet on keeping their property safe.

Officers say people should take a note of the serial number or model number of their possessions, and also take photographs of high-value items such as bikes.

They would also like to see people register items online at www.immobilise.com, which enables the police to easily reunite owners with their possessions should they be stolen.

Anyone with information about crimes in their area should contact South Yorkshire Police on 101, or call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.