Cricketers in dressing room thefts alert

Police: The Star bringing you the latest news 24-hours a day.
Police: The Star bringing you the latest news 24-hours a day.

CRICKETERS are being warned to be on their guard after a series of thefts from dressing rooms around South Yorkshire.

Stuart Granger, chairman South Yorkshire Senior Cricket League Umpires Association made the warning after an umpire had his car stolen.

The thief also took his car keys, mobile phone and other personal items while he was umpiring at match at Doncaster Town Cricket Club.

Mr Grainger said the players’ changing rooms were entered and several personal possessions were stolen including two gold rings.

The car was later found abandoned and has been examined by police forensic officers.

Said Stuart: “Since this incident took place, I have been made aware of several similar incidents which have occurred this season at cricket grounds in and around the South Yorkshire area where players’ personal possessions have been stolen.

“A similar incident took place at Aston Hall last Saturday when a mobile phone was stolen.”

He said the Friday night before the Doncaster theft, Warmsworth Cricket Club pavilion was targeted in an attack which had caused ‘considerable damage’ to the premises and expense to the club.

“It is quite obvious that there is a team of individuals operating in this area and all clubs need to be made aware of these problems and up the level of security and provide locking facilities for all changing room areas.

“On match days clubs and players should be on alert.

“They should look out for strangers at club matches and watch for their movements around pavilions and changing rooms.”