Couple’s trek north to make vows under the Vulcan in Doncaster

Wedding under the Vulcan
Wedding under the Vulcan

Newly-weds Sarah Coles and Neil Benson got their married life off to a flying start, by making their vows beneath the iconic Vulcan’s wings.

The aviation-mad couple covered 232 miles to journey to the Vulcan Experience in Doncaster from their home in Portsmouth, after Sarah, 43, discovered shortly after Neil’s proposal that the venue housing the Vulcan XH558 does host weddings.

Family and friends joined the happy couple in Hangar Three on August 6 for both their marriage ceremony and the weding reception that followed.

Just before the nuptials, Sarah said: “I’ve always loved XH558 . I’ve seen her fly at numerous air shows across the country and every time she brings a real tear to my eye.

“When I read about her becoming available for weddings, it was too good an opportunity to miss.

“The idea of saying our vows under her wings and bringing our loved ones together around her was just amazing.

“We came up for a visit and that was it, we just fell in love with the venue.”

The couple’s special day was also the first to take place in the midst of the latest addition to the hangar at Robin Hood Airport – the English Electric Canberra WK163.

Sarah added: “It’s so exciting to be able to say we got married not only in the presence of my beloved Vulcan, but alongside Canberra WK163, too.

“As a lifelong lover of all things aviation, there really is no better place we could have said our vows and the journey has been more than worth it for us.”

A honeymoon in the Peak District followed the couple’s ceremony.

The Vulcan, dubbed the tin triangle because of her distinctive delta wing shape, is the last one of 134 Avro Vulcan V bombers operated by the Royal Air Force from 1953, up to their retirement from service in 1985.

XH558 was used by the RAF as a display aircraft from 1986 to 1992 until budget cuts forced her retirement.

Anyone who is interested in a ‘Vulcan wedding’ or who would like more information about the Vulcan Conference and Exhibition Centre, or the Vulcan Experience, should call 01302 623300.