Councillors to discuss plans to slash 50,000 missed hospital appointments missed in Doncaster

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Ten of thousands of hospital appointments are missed every year at hospitals across Doncaster, a council report has shown.

Ten of thousands of hospital appointments are missed every year at hospitals across Doncaster, a council report has shown.

Over 50,000 appointments are missed at hospitals in across the borough and in Worksop under the Doncaster & Bassetlaw NHS Foundation Trust, according to a report compiled by Healthwatch Doncaster.

The report, which will be presented at Doncaster Council's health and wellbeing board next week, said this equates to 4,166 per month and over 140 per day costing the NHS around £6 million every year.

A number of measure have been presented to Doncaster councillors on how to tackle the problem working with the NHS to bring the figure down.

One measure suggested is to improve communications between providers and patients through promoting 'joint responsibility for quality and communication of information' and involve patients in how systems are changed for the better.

A survey found 52 per cent of all patients asked who missed an appointment did not receive a reminder via text or phone call.

Figures show that 36 per cent of respondents did not attempt to rearrange their appointment.

Documents show the providers including the NHS and Doncaster Council will work together to bring the figure down by a seven per cent target.

The report said: "Not only does this impact on the productivity of the hospital and inevitably causes administrative burden on both secondary and primary care in chasing up those who do not attend their appointment, but more importantly patients may not access the diagnosis and subsequent treatment required.

"The cost to the NHS of missed appointments can be measured in a number of ways but best estimates are that this number of missed appointments each year could equate to income/expenditure of around £6m per annum.

"NHS Commissioners and providers in Doncaster are looking at ways to improve Planned Care systems and processes, therefore understanding why people miss their appointments is an important factor."

Councillors will discuss the report at a meeting on Friday, June 15