Council urges Isle homeowners to cut back shrubs

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Overgrown trees and shrubs are blocking paths and obscuring traffic lights in Epworth, councillors have warned

Epworth Town council has agreed on the need for action, and will now put pressure on North Lincolnshire County Council to ensure overhanging trees and shrubs are cut back.

Coun Richard Hall has already suggested asking North Lincolnshire Council for a supply of leaflets that members of the town council would be able to put through the doors of Epworth residents.

But this idea has been met with opposition by Coun Bob Fish who said Epworth Town Council does not have the authority to campaign on the issue independently.

He added: “It’s not down to us to put a letter from North Lincolnshire Council through people’s doors.”

“All we can do is ask the residents informally to take action.”

Town council vice-chairman Coun Jonathan Whitakers said he knew North Lincolnshire’s officers were busy, and couldn’t imagine that a call about an overhanging tree would be top on their list of priorities.

“I can’t see a problem with Coun Hall’s idea,” he said.

Coun Hall said he wasn’t confident that North Lincolnshire Council would be able to make much of a difference in the town council’s campaign to crack down on overhanging trees and shrubs. .

He said a tree branch was obscuring the traffic lights at the White Bear, and that Footpath 52, which ran from the town’s Station Road, was now completely impassable because it had now become completely overgrown.

He said: “I first raised that 18 months ago, and it has taken them 18 months not to attend to it.”

Coun Hall has also previously raised the issue of one Epworth Home in which a row of shrubs had been planted outside the boundary wall.

This issue was discussed at a Epworth town council meeting which took place last week.

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