Council survey reveals average wages in Doncaster rise to over £500 a week

A council survey has revealed the average wage in Doncaster has risen by over £39 pounds a year.

Tuesday, 26th February 2019, 4:54 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th February 2019, 4:57 pm
The average wage in Doncaster has risen to over 500 a week

The local authority’s quarter three financial report said the average Doncaster wage had jumped from £480 to £519.60. 

Jo Miller, Doncaster Council chief executive said in work poverty was a ‘scourge of our time’ and the council was focusing on attracting high skilled, high wage jobs. 

Deputy major councillor Glyn Jones asked for assurances on the figures and said it would be ‘strange and perverse’ if this changed for the worse come the end of the financial year. 

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Director of corporate services Debbie Hogg said the figures were taken from an annual survey and compared like for like councils.

Ms Miller said: "

“It doesn’t mean of course that somebody’s pay packet has gone up by £39 – it’s an average. 

“That might be people coming in and that’s the benchmark that’s been used over the years for average wages and its something we want to improve. 

“We want to focus on better jobs not just more jobs because in work poverty is one of the greatest scourges of our time.”

Mayor Ros Jones added the wage figure was ‘volatile’ which could move ‘up and down’.

“I’m pleased to see at this moment in time it’s in the right direction and we certainly do want high skilled, high paid jobs,” she said.