Consultation to start on BMX park plan

Jubilee Park, Hatfield
Jubilee Park, Hatfield

Consultation is set to start on a proposed BMX park in a Doncaster town.

Hatfield Town Council is looking to establish the new facility at Jubilee Park, and the issue was discussed at the authority's last meeting.

The authority has confirmed it now plans to start consultation on details of the scheme.

Council clerk Clare McRoy said: "We are going to be doing consultation - it was discussed at the last town council meeting as to what members wishes are and how to press ahead.

"They are keen to do what the community wants, so we want to talk to the local schools and the local people about what they would like to see. That will be after September."

Issues that may be discussed are whether to create a specific new BMX park or to create something in conjunction with the existing skate park which was built several years ago.

BMX riders already use the existing skate section and the council is keen to give them their own facility. They are looking at whether there is enough space for everyone on it as it is used all year round.

Mrs McRoy said the facility was in almost constant use, which worked well as a deterrent to vandals.

Officials say the potential BMX park is not next to any housing - there is a school on one side and an industrial premises on the other, so it is not expected to upset any residents.

It is one of a number of improvements planned to improve the park, which is 40 years old this year, having been opened for the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977.

The council also hopes to install some outdoor fitness equipment to give older users of the park more reason to visit.

“We are aware that joggers and runners are using the park and the aim is to cater for all people, ” said Mrs McRoy.

“There are all sorts of areas for all sections of the community.

“Health and wellbeing is more and more important these days.”