Conisbrough family looks to raise £20,000 for son's life-changing treatment

A Doncaster family hopes to raise £20,000 to get their son vital medical treatment to improve his life.

Tuesday, 13th June 2017, 7:49 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th June 2017, 12:58 pm
Darran Hughes' family needs to raise 20,000 to get him deep brain stimulation treatment and relieve chronic epilepsy symptoms

Conisbrough resident Darran Hughes needs to have deep brain stimulation to relieve him of epilepsy which he has suffered for most of his 26-year life.

Darran contracted meningitis encephalitis, which affected his brain, at 18 months old, and was soon after diagnosed with epilepsy and autism.

Regular seizures have left Darran with a host of injuries.

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A shattered elbow and broken ankle are among the worst.

His father Darran said he had almost passed away in a bad seizure on Sunday night.

Darran had pushed his head so far into the pillow that he was struggling to breathe.

"If I hadn't been with him, he would have passed away," Darran senior said.

That incident followed earlier seizures on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

He also had two seizures on Monday morning.

Darran senior, 51, said there was no guarantee the brain treatment would work.

"But we've got to give him that chance," he said.

"It would make his quality of life 100 per cent better."

Darran senior said he and wife Vilma, 66, felt 'so helpless' when Darran's seizures started.

His autism makes it hard for Darran to communicate how he's feeling, but his brother's partner, Emma Day, said he wasn't one to complain anyway.

"He is the most loving person you could ever meet and has never once complained about it," she said.

Darran's family, who live at Chambers Avenue, urge the Conisbrough community to dig deep and donate to get him the treatment he needs.

A fundraiser is planned for July 29 at the Lord Conyers Hotel, Conisbrough.

Activities for kids and adults are planned during the all-day fundraiser.

Buttercups Florist is hosting a guessing competition. For 50p, you can guess how many wax melts are in a jar.

Darran senior paid tribute to the community for getting behind the family.

"In times of crisis, they seem to come together," he said.

Miss Day said the family was looking for someone to play some music on the day.

Deep brain simulation involves the insertion of a neurostimulator or 'brain pacemaker', which sends electrical impulses to specific targets in the brain.

The family's fundraising page for Darran has had more than 200 shares on Facebook.

To donate to the cause, visit the fundraising page

You can also ring Miss Day on 0772 098 4087.