Compensation offered to South Yorkshire residents affected by HS2 route

The Shimmer estate in Mexborough
The Shimmer estate in Mexborough

Residents living on a South Yorkshire housing estate which the HS2 route could go through have been offered compensation.

HS2 Ltd and the Government today unveiled a compensation and assistance package for homeowners on the Shimmer estate in Mexborough following the announcement last year that the preferred route for the high speed railway would cut through the estate.

It is offering the equivalent of 10 per cent of the unblighted property value of homes on the estate - or a £30,000 minimum - to property owners on the estate who wish to remain in their homes rather than sell to the Government.

Transport Minister Paul Maynard said: “I recognise that this is a difficult time for Shimmer residents and I would like to thank them for their patience and reassure them they will be treated fairly and with compassion.

"We are making this cash offer to eligible Shimmer homeowners to encourage those who wish to continue living on the estate do so.

"We will continue to work closely with all those affected to get the best outcome for everyone involved and ensure the development remains a pleasant and secure place to live.”

HS2 Ltd’s expectation is that all eligible homeowners on the Shimmer estate who choose to apply for the cash offer scheme could expect to receive £30,000.

Those taking up the offer who then sell their house to the Government in the future will have the cash offer sum deducted from the sale price at that time.

It would not need to be repaid if it was sold to a private buyer.