Company donates defibrillator to community

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A new defibrillator, that could potentially be a life saver to someone in Sheffield, has been bought for the use of the community by a city removals company.

As Specialised Movers, based on Petre Street, has become a regional training centre with the British Association of Removers, it is running first aid training as part of its courses.

Group training manager Sean Royle said: “With the greater awareness of health and how to treat someone who has a heart attack, our managing director decided it would be a good thing to have a defibrillator on site.

“We have placed it on an outside wall so it can be accessed by anyone, and used in the event of an emergency. It might save somebody’s life.

“Four years ago we had someone who suffered a possible heart attack on site. They were looked after very well, but it highlights what can happen and the more defibrillators there are available the better. I believe the other nearest one to here is some way away on Vicar Street.”

Defibrillators work by administering a sudden powerful electric shock to try and start a heart beating normally again following a cardiac arrest.

Amateur first-aiders can now use modern, portable defibrillators with minimal instruction.

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are designed to be used with little or no training. They have self-adhesive electrode pads and a built-in computer that automatically analyzes the patient’s heart rhythm to figure out whether a shock will help them (defibrillation doesn’t work if the heart has stopped beating altogether). It can also determine what level of shock is appropriate.

Specialised Movers is a relocation company that specialises in all aspects of commercial and domestic relocations including houses, flats, offices, libraries, factories, hospitals museums, schools and local government facilities.